1968 Plymouth GTX

1968 Plymouth GTX black color

With the hot new Road Runner anchoring the lower rungs, a familiar name returned to the top off Plymouth’s midsize muscle ladder. For its second season, the GTX moved to the same redesigned Belvedere platform used by the Road Runner.

In keeping with its upscale mission, the GTX featured two-door hardtop and convertible body styles; the ’68 Road Runner stared with a pillared coupe and didn’t offer a ragtop.

Instead of adopting the 383-cid V-8 as its base engine, the GTX carried over its ’67 powertrains. The 375-bhp Magnum 440-cid four barrel was standard, with the take no prisionars 425-bhp 426 Hemi the sole engine option. TorqueFlite automatic, a $206 extra on the Road Runner, was standard on the GTX, and the four-speed manual was a no-cost alternative. Both cars had similar suspension upgrades and wide oval rubber; front disc brakes and limited-slip diff were shared options. Nonfuntional hood vents also were common to both.

While even a loaded Road Runner looked pretty plain on the outside, the GTX dressed its part with standard chrome wheel-lip moldings, tail panel brightwork, and double side stripes. And where the road Runner stared with a fleet grade interior, the GTX came with the well appointed Sport Satellite cabin featuring shiny details and fake woodgrain. The differences showed in base prices: $3355 for the GTX hardtop, $3034 for the Road Runner coupe.

Die hard racer types loved the Hemi, but just 450 GTXs were ordered with the $564 option. The 440, which wasn’t offered the Road Runner, was easier to keep in tune. And unlike the rev-hungry Hemi, the big wedge churned out a surplus of low end torque for unparalleled response on the street.

1968 GTX (2)

Deficiencies mirrored those of the Road Runner, and of most other muscle intermediates: stiff ride, over assited power steering, and skittsh handling on rough roads. But for a gentleman’s supercar the GTX was dialed in.

“As a performance car the GTX has few equals,” concluded Car Life.” With the 440 engine, it offers as much performance per dollar as anything on the market, and more than most.”

1968 Plymouth GTX engine

1968 Plymouth GTX General Performance

Wheelbase: 116.0 in.

weight: 4100 lbs.

production: 17,500.

Price: $4100

Engine: ohv V-8

Displacement: 440 cid.

Fuel system: 1×4 bbl.

Compression ratio: 10.1:1

Horsepower @ rpm 375@ 4600

Torque @ rpm: 480@ 3200

Representative performance

0-60 mph: 6.4 sec

1/4 mile ( sec @ mph): 14.3 @ 97.9

Let’s watch this video where we  can have a better look of this amazing 1968 Plymouth GTX:

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