1967 Plymouth Belvedere GTX

1967 Plymouth Belvedere GTX

There were plenty of fast Plymouth’s before 1967, but none had the unified performance image pioneered by the Pontiac GTO. Plymounth addressed this for ’67 with an executive class hot rod that leaned a little on the Poncho for its name. GTX.

Based on the good looking two door Belvedere hardtop and convertible, the GTX dressed up with a special grille and tail panel, simulated hood scoops, and chrome was top of the line, with bucket seats, embossed vinyl, and lots of bright-work.

Going fast without fuss was the GTX’s mission, so it got a standard power-train capable of enormous power with minimal effort: Mopar’s newly fortified 375 bhp 440-cid V-8. Plymouth called it Super Commando 440. This was Chrysler’s big car engine improved for high rpm performance with a revised camshaft and valve train, and free frowing intake and exhaust systems.

Mopar’s unassailable three speed ToequeFlite automatic was standard. A four speed manual was optional and came with some serious stuff, including a larger ring gear, double breaker distributor, free wheeling fan, even an oil pan windage try.

Six leaf rear springs, plus heavy duty shocks, torsion bars, and ball joints had critics praising the GTX’s handling, through most found the optional power steering grossly overassited. Dic brakes were optional, but surprisingly didn’t seem to provide a great advantage over the standard heavy duty drums.

Some 720 buyer forked over an additional $546 for the GTX’s sole engine option, the 425 bhp 426 Street Hemi. It used the standard GTX running gear and could turn the quater in the low 13’s, but the 440/TorqueFlite was equal in most street tussles. Plymouht finally had its image car, and it made no apologies to its inspiration. “GTO owners had better look to their defenses,” counseled Car and Driver.

1967 Plymouth Belvedere GTX engine

1967 Plymouth Belvedere GTX General Performance

Wheelbase: 116.0 in.

weight: 3830 lbs.

production: 11,395 .

Price: $3350

Engine: ohv V-8

Displacement: 400 cid.

Fuel system: 1×4 bbl.

Compression ratio: 10.1:1

Horsepower @ rpm 375 @ 4600

Torque @ rpm: 480@ 3200

Representative performance

0-60 mph: 6.6 sec

1/4 mile ( sec @ mph): 15.2 @ 97

Let’s watch this video where we  can have a better look to this amazing 1967 Plymouth Belvedere GTX.

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